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IWB Holster Left or Right Hand Tuckable

PAC-TAC Holster by Lenwood

$ 70.00 $ 85.00

A collaboration between Lenwood and Pacific-Tactical. The Instructors were not able to find a holster that was adequately designed to wear with a suit or with shirts that needed to be tucked in. We also noticed the ride height of the holsters were generally limited to really high or really low. There was not much adjust-ability on ride height. This holster allows the user to customize the firearm height above the belt to their own taste.

As a left-handed shooter, our lead instructor was finding himself with 2 different holster set ups for left and right hand carry when demonstrating for students. We also had the issue of not having enough left or right handed holsters as loaners for students coming to class. We decided to design this holster for a quick switch from Right hand carry to Left hand carry. The design of the holster naturally cants the grip of the pistol in towards the body. The holster has a narrow profile compared to holsters with wide wing s making it comfortable to carry AIWB or other traditional positions around the waist.

We opted for the pull the dot loops instead of a molded clip. From Force-on-Force classes we found the clips often come unclipped from the belt causing the holster to come out with the gun during the draw or not staying secure. The clips also don't allow on the fly adjust-ability for cant when seated, standing, or other positions when Appendix carrying.  

Utilicips are offered as an option to avoid any outward sign of a holster when wearing a tucked in shirt.

This holster is Red Dot Sight compatible as well as extra tall suppressor sights .415 for the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and the Glock MOS pistols.

Besides the models below, we can custom make this holster for your pistol. Select the Custom option and add the Make, Model, and Caliber. Allow 3-4 week for delivery.

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